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The 'moment of truth'

Bet on the "now or never" with RateNow in-store feedback terminals.

We are all demanding customers, we have an expectation about what we buy, and we like to express our satisfaction or dissatisfaction ... and we want to be heard!

When we leave a movie theater, a restaurant, a museum or a store, in our mind we assign a “score” or “rating” that we often share with whoever accompanies us. As minutes or hours pass by, our experience dilutes in our memory, it loses prominence and we gradually lose that desire to share our evaluation. At some point our mind will be somewhere else.

This rapid dilution of our experiences has some implications on market research and consumer satisfaction analysis: the sooner you ask for customer feedback, the more reliable the answer will be. Right after the experience, feelings and impressions are still vivid in our mind and, as a result, it is easier for us to transmit evaluations which are highly representative of the experience.

RateNow is based on this premise. As we already told you in a  previous post, one of the most important aspects when requesting feedback from your customers is thewhen you do it. Additionally, according to the studies of the consultancy firm Gartner, a survey answered right after the experience, during the so-called "moment of truth", provides insights which are 40% more reliable compared to a survey answered only 24 hours later.

What you need to know

RateNow satisfaction terminals are point-of-sale systems based on feedback devices that allow you to ask questions to the client in the “moment of truth”. When we leave a store, or a clinic, or a museum, our experience is fresh in our mind. It’s in this moment when an agile and easy satisfaction questionnaire can obtain the most valuable feedback.

Most organizations that willing to analyze customer satisfaction fail to obtain feedback at the time of the experience or use terminals with only simple buttons that do not provide enough information.

By deploying digital satisfaction surveys in the point of sale, you can improve customer experience and increase your income. Initiatives to improve customer experience increase customer retention and revenue by more than 25% compared to other marketing or sales initiatives.

However, you need to follow thesethree basic principles:

  1. Ask the right questions: it is important to get to straight the point, with short and clear questions that require simple answers. Here we explain how to make the best satisfaction survey.
  2. Ask at the right moment: the moment of truth, when clients can express their real opinion, is the moment right after the experience occurred. A survey conducted 24 hours later or later is less reliable or authentic according to  Gartner studies.
  3. Implement improvements: Satisfaction surveys through programs in the store are not a nice-to-have, but rather a must-have. It is not just about giving a good image, but about analyzing the data, improving your services and products adapting them to the needs of your customers and increasing loyalty and sales. According to Gartner studies, "you are up to 12 times more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a prospective one." Conclusion? Make sure your existing customers are satisfied and do anything possible to keep them on board.

Thanks to digital surveys that you can customize with several types of questions and to sophisticated dashboards to analyze collected data, RateNow allows you to comply with these three key principles and improve your business.

Participation rate of feedback terminals

With RateNow terminals to measure customer satisfaction, located in the point of sale, you can avoid bother your customers with invasive and tedious methods. Thanks to the intuitive, fast and attractive digital interface your clients will proactively approach RateNow touchscreens because expressing their opinion has never been so easy and entertaining before.

RateNow collects more than 1,500 questionnaires per month per store in high-traffic locations, between 100 and 300 answered questionnaires in small businesses.

Our point of sale program focused on satisfaction terminals , according to an internal study conducted on our clients from different industries,collects on average of 40 times more reviews than TripAdvisor, 6 times more than Google Reviews and 15-20 times more than with traditional paper surveys.

Surveys collected at the moment of the experience in a direct, friendly and modern way, allow to assess the level of customer satisfaction through an extremely agile process.

Beyond the buttons

Unlike other tools on the market that consist of only mechanical buttons, RateNow will let you know not only if your customers are happy or unhappy, but also to discover and analyze why.

Our touch-screen feedback terminals go beyond the smiley faces, offering you the possibility to analyze in depth your customers, their habits and their preferences.

With our gamified questionnaires you can check the extent of their interest in your service or products, measure your growth potential, collect open comments that will allow you to react immediately in case of a negative experience, and contact them through after collecting their email address.

Satisfaction-measurement displays

Have you ever watched Black Mirror? In the first chapter of the third season the popular TV show describes a world where our online reputation is everything: we are constantly being evaluated by others, we adapt our behavior to obtain a good score, as it facilitates our lives.

Now, imagine a world with many feedback terminals located in the point of sale, from the bakery to the theme park, but without the Orwellian tone of Black Mirror: all services can be evaluated at the moment, at the moment of sale and in the same facility; such real-time feedback would allow companies to identify weaknesses and react quickly and improve much faster the products and services that we eventually buy.

Employees are also being evaluated instantly, which results in a friendlier attitude towards the client. Providing feedback is almost as easy as “thinking about it”, as a result we’ll gradually get accustomed to press a smiley face right after an interaction with the company.

Closeness to the client

We start from the premise thatpeople like to give their opinion and to be heard . However, this hardly happens: 80% of companies state they offer a “superior” service, but only 8% of their customers agree and a typical business listens to only 4% of its unhappy customers.

With a gamified feedback terminal, collecting the opinion of customers becomes one more experience in your facility. You will obtain information to improve your business while you are close and taking care of your customers differently from other traditional methods such as the cold and ineffective suggestion boxes.

The best way to show you are close to your customers: ask them at the “moment of truth”, when their experience is more vivid and when it’s more important for them to provide their opinion. Ask with RateNow feedback terminals.

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