RateNow terminals to be coated with ANTIVIRAL FILM 99,9% effective against CORONAVIRUS

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The Wall Street Journal on the future of Customer Feedback Devices: Read the interview to RateNow.

Read the whole article and discover more about the future of Customer Feedback Systems.

The financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal interviews RateNow about the future of Feedback Terminals.

"The article explores the COVID’s impact on the users’ behavior and its future developments. The newspaper interviews 3 market leaders: RateNow, HappyOrNot and Feedback Now."


Summarizing the article, the companies confirm a slight decrease in total participation. Both RateNow and HappyOrNot confirm that the key factor lies in the traffic’s reduction in the establishments and not so much in the reluctance of users to touch the devices. Today most users have returned to pre-pandemic levels of behavior.
In their analysis of the future of Smiley's Terminals, RateNow and HappyOrNot state that, at first, they have coated teh terminal with an antiviral film to protect interactions with users. As per the future, both confirm they are working on "contactless" buttons that will be ready once the solutions achieved will ensure the same frictionless interaction.

We can add that the reduction in the completion rate is modest overall and highly variable depending on the industry: between 5 and 25% if we do not take into account the decrease in traffic due to social distancing and mobility limitations. On-site feedback terminals continue to be the most popular collection channel for immediate feedback, and the collection ratio is still far above other channels such as QR or Google Review.

Currently, all RateNow terminals are covered with an antiviral film which is 99.9% effective against the viruses of the Coronavirus family. More information about the antiviral film.
RateNow is working on “contactless feedback” devices and anticipates a sensible increase in its 100% online survey solutions through direct integrations on customer websites, automated SMS and Email. More information about Feedback Online.

RateNow is a leading platform for managing and measuring customer satisfaction through multiple channels: both on-site feedback terminals and fully online surveys. Today more than ever it is important to integrate the measurement of physical touchpoints with digital ones in order to obtain a complete overview of the customer journey. Our Customer Experience specialists are available to answer your questions in this regard.

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