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RateNow HEALTH-TRACK® is the leading system for continuous, self-administered and 100% digital quality tracking, implemented by more than 100 healthcare organisations.

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Do you want to get more actionable feedback from your patients and maximise their participation automatically and in real time?

At RateNow we automate the collection and analysis of patient feedback with the latest digital technology. Our personalised satisfaction survey templates (Outpatient Care, Inpatient Care, Emergency, Outpatient surgery...) are endorsed by more than 100 health organisations. The implementation is easy and fast. What are the advantages vs traditional systems?
Continuous tracking
Get a continuous feedback flow (>2,500 responses/month)
Hyper representative sample
Participation of 15% - 30% of the users’ universe
100% digital surveys
Channel digital surveys via SMS or feedback terminals at the hospital/clinic
Real-time analysis
Check real-time reports on the RateNow Analytics platform

The Health-Track® methodology in 3 pillars:

1. Services to evaluate and custom templates. We define the services to be tracked and adapt validated models to the specific needs of the organisation. These are some of the survey models we offer:

  • Outpatient consultations Survey
  • Emergency care Survey
  • Inpatient care Survey
  • Outpatient surgery Survey
  • Outpatient Rehab Survey
  • Telemedicine Survey

2. Survey distribution channels. We assign the most appropriate digital distribution channel to each service. The surveys are sent by SMS or displayed on feedback terminals located at strategic points in the hospital.

3. Real time analysisRateNow Analytics platform displays the results of the surveys in real time, distributing automatic and segmented reports to the different service managers.

Cool and friendly satisfaction surveys

Beyond the feedback buttons: gather a detailed and holistic understanding of customer feedback with our customizable, state-of-the-art and optimally designed surveys consisting of up to 10 insight generating questions. Understand the “Why?” behind customer dissatisfaction, measure your Net Promoter Score and contact unhappy customers in order to convert them into loyal promoters.

Customer satisfaction

Staff evaluation

Net Promoter Score


Profile and preferences

Email and phone numbers


Real-time analysis and reporting with RateNow Analytics

Measure with the Net Promoter Score

Segment by location and service, and rank by rating

Compare to our industry benchmark

Understand why your customers are dissatisfied

Evaluate your staff to promote excellent service

Contact detractors and turn them into promoters

Share your ratings


Digital channels to better listen to your patient

On-site terminals

They are installed in multiple strategic points of the hospital to obtain feedback from patients. Adapted for high traffic services and transactional services such as Outpatient Consultations or Emergency.


An SMS is sent to the patient 24 hours after discharge is automated so that they can access a digital survey from their phone. Adapted for longer-stay services (such as inpatient care or outpatient surgery) or for more qualitative and weighted feedback.
"With RateNow we try to change our organization culture so that patient feedback is a reason to improve our services."

Rosa Rodríguez, Mataró Hospital.

"RateNow terminals allow us to know the opinion of patients immediately after care. Thanks to the feedback of our patients we have improved the signage of our hospital, to improve the experience of our patients."

Rosa Rodríguez, Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

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