RateNow terminals to be coated with ANTIVIRAL FILM 99,9% effective against CORONAVIRUS

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Measure customer satisfaction and transform their travel experience by identifying improvement opportunities in real time.
RateNow faces

How satisfied are your customers today?

RateNow gives voice to all drivers and travelers in real time, so you can identify areas for improvement instantly and transform their experience in your gas stations. Measuring traveler satisfaction has never been so easy. Getting actionable insights has never been so efficient.
Massive feedback
A direct communication channel for all travelers
Qualitative feedback
Beyond the smiley faces, up to 10 dynamic questions
Act in real time
Analyze feedback and act quickly to apply improvements

Why do you need to improve customer experience?

Drivers want to enjoy a trip without frustration and reach their destination as comfortably as possible. Your mission is to provide a pleasant break in their journey when they stop at your stations, and to recharge both vehicles and those traveling in them.

Maximize drivers' happiness with RateNow feedback terminals, measuring their satisfaction in real time. Customize your digital satisfaction surveys, automate opinion collection, and identify opportunities for improvement instantly. Make the traveler feel accompanied on their trip.

Cool and friendly satisfaction surveys

Beyond the feedback buttons: gather a detailed and holistic understanding of customer feedback with our customizable, state-of-the-art and optimally designed surveys consisting of up to 10 insight generating questions. Understand the “Why?” behind customer dissatisfaction, measure your Net Promoter Score and contact unhappy customers in order to convert them into loyal promoters.

Customer satisfaction

Staff evaluation

Net Promoter Score


Profile and preferences

Email and phone numbers


Analysis in real time

Measure with the Net Promoter Score

Segment by location and service, and rank by rating

Compare to our industry benchmark

Understand why your customers are dissatisfied

Evaluate your staff to promote excellent service

Contact detractors and turn them into promoters

Share your ratings


Feedback solutions to give voice to all your customers

Standfloor feedback device

Counter feedback device

Wall feedback device

Plug & play: unpack it, plug it and start
collecting feedback straightaway.
Always online: 4G connection included,
24/7 remote monitoring.
Automatic on and off: no staff intervention
required to turn it on and off.
Advanced anti-spam filters: protection
against misuse for children who play.

Survey by e-mail, sms or QR

Integrate in your app

Embed on your website

"We decided to include RateNow to get real time feedback, right after the experience, about the service and attention we provide in the store. At Miró we have as a differentiating strategy a top-notch, personalized customer service, and RateNow helps us in this mission"

Angel Pujol, Director of Sales and Marketing at Miró

Do you want to boost customer experience and grow your business?

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By submitting the following form you accept our Privacy policy, and you consent to your data being processed by LEAN LEMON S.L.
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