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RateNow: official partner of the ICHOM Conference Barcelona 2023. Get your discount.

Everything you need to know about the ICHOM Conference Barcelona 2023 and the exclusive discount of the official partner RateNow.

How to calculate NPS®: The ultimate guide on Net Promoter Score® (2024)

Customer Experience Indicators
Net Promoter Score is a key indicator to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty to a company by asking a single question survey. Learn the definition and the science behind NPS. Learn how to ask and measure it and its Pros and Cons. It´s a practical guide.

How to measure Patient Satisfaction?

Patient Experience
In this article we explore all you need to know to start measuring patient satisfaction: the processes to follow, what to measure, and the channels for survey distribution.

The importance of patient experience

Patient Experience
We explain the growing importance of the patient experience in the healthcare context, and how it can improve the results of your treatments and the financial results of healthcare organizations.

Patient Experience Definition

Patient Experience
A summary of the recent literature about the patient experience definition.

RateNow Technology Serves Patient Experience with AOR San Carlo Project in Potenza

The AOR San Carlo in Potenza presented a Customer Satisfaction project, implemented by RateNow, to evaluate the patient experience. The project was widely covered by the media and supported by the General Director and the Health Commissioner.

The Wall Street Journal on the future of Customer Feedback Devices: Read the interview to RateNow.

The financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal interviews RateNow about the COVID’s impact on the users’ behavior and its future developments.

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