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A tailored Customer Satisfaction Dashboard with the information you need. No overload of information / No set up needed / Ready from day one

Your customer journey at a glance

Collect all the data from different touchpoints and channels (on-site terminals, email, sms…) and monitor your client satisfaction along the customer journey.

Track your business key customer metrics

Net Promoter Score (NPS): measure the likelihood of your business to be recommended on a scale of 0-10. 
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): a five-point scale that measures the level of satisfaction. 
Customer Effort Score (CES): measure the amount of effort involved with a specific interaction. 

Link Quantitative to Qualitative feedback

Quantitative feedback tells you whether you have a problem but only qualitative feedback tells you why. 
Once you have identified a specific issue from the quantitative feedback (NPS, CSAT, CES...), you can then drill down the analysis into the qualitative feedback left by your customers to understand the real reason behind the score. 


Take an in-depth look at issues and opportunities. Cross-check and segment data to draw actionable conclusions.

Set the right comparison and rankings

vs. Time. Compare time periods and identify if your organization's metrics improve over time.
vs. your Own Group. Rank the top and bottom location/service/shop among your own group and use these rankings to create incentive schemes. 
vs. Industry Benchmark. Use the Ratenow Benchmark Index to compare your organization’s NPS with the industry’s score.

Satisfaction by hour & day of the week: identify the peak hours and reduce the waiting time

Asses your rating by hour and day of the week. Track the instances when your service is less effective. 
Discover patterns and act accordingly on your workforce. 

Link Customer Satisfaction to your staff's rating and incentives

Design an objective incentive policy based on customer satisfaction. Ask your customers how they have been served and link their opinion directly to the performance of your employees. 
Incentivize the best performers and train the staff that needs more help. Equip your area managers with an effective tool to manage the front desk staff.


Distribute periodic and automatic reports to the different levels of the organization. Track comments and win back unsatisfied customers.

The right data in hands of the right people with hierarchical filters

Select only the relevant information for each person/department depending on their level of visibility of the business. The leadership group needs to have access to the whole organization information whilst a shop manager doesn’t.

Act quickly on unsatisfied customers and gain them back

A dissatisfied customer will tell 10 people on average about their experience. Contact your unsatisfied customers and convert them back into promoters. 
Recovered customers are the best ambassadors of your brand. Build loyalty with your delighted users and improve your reputation. 

Spread your good reputation and multiply sales with the Ratenow Certificate

The RateNow certificate records the amount of satisfied customers. Publish it on your website and spread it on your social networks to increase your trustworthiness.

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Con la siguiente información, das tu consentimiento al procesamiento de tus datos personales de acuerdo con nuestra Privacy policy.
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